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  • Huck is a countercultural magazine that subverts typical mainstream norms. This is evident on the cover of the magazine which suggests there is a focus on defiance due to the imagery of the Kurdish female fighters. This is a technique of challenging mainstream conventions as a differing view to cultural norms in which we often associate soldiers as male is being subverted. This, therefore, suggests that Huck's readers follow the ideologies that are incorporated within the magazine and their viewpoints are being shaped to see past cultural and historical norms. 
  • Huck uses a combination of elements to influence meaning through the use of its very minimalist layout and lots of on-location photography. This subverts typical magazine conventions as much of their photography is studio based or gained from the paparazzi and is of well known public figures rather than real life unknown subjects. The layout also challenges typical conventions through the overuse of white space and misaligned paragraphs. The subversion of typical conventions, therefore, applies to the audience of Huck as their personal ideology is to subvert the status quo which is what Huck typically does.
  • Huck supports mainstream brands whilst conforming to the expectations of the magazine. This is evident within the go pro advert that features a surfer. Huck is a British magazine, whereas Surfing is not a typical British sport although go-pro is a mainstream brand for sports enthusiasts. This may, therefore, suggest that Huck's readers invest in mainstream brands and products, but use them in a way that subverts typical British societal norms.
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  • Huck subverts typical lifestyle magazine genre conventions. This is evident in the feature article as in society we only stereotypically expect men to be on the front line, whereas the cover image challenges this by showing a woman fighting on the front line. This technique of challenging conventions offers an alternative viewpoint to the audience by expressing the ideology of equality. It does, however, conform to the counterculture ethos of the magazine. 
  • Huck's genre conventions are socially and historically relative, yet, dynamic and can be used in a hybrid way as they connote the constant changes of society yet still support conventional and typical hobbies and sports. This is evident in the teenage utopia article which focuses on unity and peace for kids of all backgrounds. This technique of subverting cultural norms has been used in order to provide an alternative viewpoint to the audience whilst still conforming to the original focus of the magazine which was to promote skateboarding and surfing. 
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  • Huck appeals to readers who support mainstream brands but subvert mainstream ideologies. this is evident in the magazine where there are a G-Star and a Go-Pro advert but their imagery subverts typical mainstream conventions. This is due to the unconventional use of dark colours, eastern culture models, and a female model whose dress codes feature both masculine and feminine qualities as well as the promotion of a typically Non-British sport. the use of unconventional imagery appeals to the audience as it supports the ethos of the counterculture magazine
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