The Care Act 2014

  • Carries out assessment
  • local government responsible for wellbeing
  • if someone moves, care must continue for them
  • a child needs assessment 
  • adult safeguarding
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Childrens Act 2004

  • Paramouncy Principle
  • Always do whats ebst for the child
  • The best place for a child is with their parent
  • Children have the right to consultation and advocacy
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The Equality Act 2010

  • Everyone has the right to equal and fair treatment
  • Law covering from discrimination
  • direct&indirect discrimination
  • Protected Characteristics
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The Care Certificate 2014

  • a set of standards that health and social care workers must follow in their worklife showing the individual recieving care under a specific set of standards - they have the skill, knowledge and behaviours to ensure that they can provide compassionate and high quality care
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The Data Protection Act

  • Data kept on a need-to-know basis 
  • not to be shared across countries
  • password protected and locked away
  • confidentiality right
  • Destroyed when no longer needed
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The Mental Capacity Act

  • Everyone should be assessed under mental capacity act and supported
  • Support to make own decision 
  • A bad decision doesn't mean they dont have capacity
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Methods of challenging discrimination

  • Challenge at the time - explain why it's wrong
  • challenge after - tell & take action
  • challenge afterwards through campaigns - awareness sessions
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Whistle blowing

  • Raising concerns with a more senior member of staff (superviser, managment), 
  • An environment which has an open culture so you dont feel pressured or nervous to tell 
  • Mangers will act accordingly
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Dealing with Conflict

  • Active listening, remain calm, be empathetic and objective to resolve conflict in care environment. 
  • Important to see both side of argument and seek active solutions
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Complaint Process

  • Allows person to complain about the care they may be recieving/ someone elses care
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