How to remember flame tests

This is the most ridiculas way of remembering them but it works :D

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lithium ions

( is Lipstick red

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calcium ions

( helps make you bones grow stronger so you can build a brick red house...pretty clever ayyy!

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barium ions

( for some reason..that know one will ever understand its bamboo green

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potassium ions

( wellllll you put lavender in a pot and lavender is lilac.....pot-->potassium

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sodium ions


sodium- the sun is golden yellow

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magnesium ions


magnesium the magic magician makes things the flame is colourless!!!!!!

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If you cant remember any of these ingenious methods then just think of your own it worked for us!!

courtecy of .....

...The Dragon, Ginger and Jazz

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manga fan =D


it would have been great it you did that yesterday xD

but thanks anyway =D

Chloe Wood


For god sake Jazz you missed off the magician!!!!!!!! :')

Patrick Mansfield





thank you =)  really helpful, nice use of colour !

Chloe Wood


Snide? Excuse me?

Love Ginger :)

Chloe Wood


Thank you Mariella! I'll let Jazz know you like it :')



This is really helpful!! :D Thankyou muchly!!!!

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