How to measure effectiveness of the workforce

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Measuring workforce roles

The measurement of the performance of the workforce is essential for any business, large or small. Through these measures, areas of weaknesses can be identified the possible ways of alleviating such weaknesses can formulated.

Absenteeism measures the levels of absence rates by the employees in a team. It shows the ratio of the number of absent staff to the total staff. It is expressed as a percentage. Absenteeism = number of absent staff/total number of staff x 100.

Waste levels are another measure of monitoring efficiency of the workforce. It uses the ratio off the quantity of waste materials to the total production. It's expressed as a percentage. Waste level = quantity of waste materials/total production x 100.

Labour productivity measure the output per employee in comparison to the output produced and services which are rendered. Labour productivity=output over a given time period/ number of employees over a given period. Labour turnover measures the ratio of the number of staff leaving per year to the average number of staff expressed as a percentage. Number of staff leaving per year/average number of staff x 100

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