How to feed themselves.


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Feeding their young.

Some animals show parental care, they look after and feed their young for some time after birth. Certain behaviours indicate wanting to be fed;

In mammals young **** on the mother's teat- milk is automatically released to feed the baby. 

In birds young birds may call to their parents. Others will open their mouths wide, shwoing the bright colour inside their mouths. These actions cause the parent to regurgitate food into the mouths of chicks.

Young herring gulls peck the red spot on their mother's beak. This is instinctive behaviour and the young will peck on anything red to be fed.

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Some animals use tools to get food.

Chimps build tools from twigs to get ants out of their holes. They also use sticks to get honey from beehives. They will use leaves to wipe their fur.

Woodpecker finch use spines from a cactus to lever grubs out from tree bark. The finch uses the spine in its beak, then holds it under its foot while eating.

Hooded monkeys managed to make spoons from pieces of wood available.

Egyptian Vultures throw rocks at ostrich eggs to break the shells. Other species of birds break eggs by throwing the eggs at rocks. Though this behaviour is just a tool use, the rock must be an extension on the bird's body. 

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