How the Nazis changed their tactics from 1924-1928

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Re-Organisation of the Party

  • Re-launch took place 27 Feb 1925 in Munich beer hall.
  • Moved from bullet box to ballet box.
  • Re-launched the party because of the golden 20s - government were becoming well liked.
  • Spread across Germany.
  • Adapted to people's interests - Gauleiters (local activists) helped him.
  • Created a party manifesto so people knew what to expect.
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Winning over the Middle Class

  • In 1928 Nazis changed their appeal from working class to middle class.
  • Changed policies to attract middle class.
  • Policy about a strong Germany.
  • Farmers were very popular and had issues with Weimar's policies - Hitler picked up on this.
  • Appealed to big businesses - which became the biggest contributors.
  • Crucial to Nazi control in 1930s.
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Increasing Membership

  • Party needed more party members.
  • Hitler felt having a loyal support base for the party was crucial to electoral success.
  • Less than 30 members.
  • People who came and watched rallies and meetings had no connection or real commitment to the party.
  • Increased membership year on year from 1925-1929.
  • 3000 members in 1924 and 150,000 members by 1929.
  • Nazis had to put in effort to gain huge supports.
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Public Meetings

  • Nazis sent on evening classes for public speeches.
  • Changed policies for each individual area.
  • Said what people wanted to hear.
  • Clear propaganda.
  • Shaped policies to what people needed and wanted.
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Winning over the Working Class

  • Working class saw a lot of appeal in the anti-semitism message.
  • Lots of meetings and rallies.
  • Biggest group at the time for working class.
  • Traditionally the working class had supported the left wing.
  • Gained support throgh propaganda.
  • Nazis presented themselves as building blocks for German reconstruction work.
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Mein Kampf & Implementation of Key Ideological Ide

  • Hitler wrote whilst in jail in 1925 - about his life.
  • It contained his ideas for what he wanted Germany to become under the Nazis.
  • His national fame had become such that Mein Kampf became a best seller.
  • An ideological point was a system where one man would be in charge.
  • Another policy was an anti-semitic policy.
  • Hitler & the Nazis did not hide they were racist.
  • He made a link between Jews and Communists.
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