How Reading Develops...

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Up to 5 years...

Caregivers may read sotries and nursery rhymes to children and introduce them to the physical experiences to reading.

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Between 5 and 6 years...

Children are read fiction and non fiction. They will be encouraged to break down words into individual soubnds (phonemes) and match sounds to letters.

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between 6 and 7 years...

Expected to read out loud and talk about what they have read.

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between 7 and 8 years...

Reads a selection of genres and learn the difference between purposes of reading eg, for enjoyment.

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- The learning process continues until about 18 years old and sometimes further

- Learning can stop often because they have stopped reading

- Regular reading has been identified as a key factor in acedemic sucess

- Learning to read should be a rewarding rather than negative experience. Positive reinforcement is vital

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