How Nazis Opposed Opposition using TERROR

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The Gestapo

Geheime Staatspolize - German for secret state police, abbreviated to 'Gestapo'.

Formed in 1933

Hermann Goring was their leader between 1933-1936.

Heinrich Himmler (**) took over in 1936.

Gestapo merged with Kriminalpolizei (or 'kirpo') - criminal police.

In 1939 Kirpo joined with an intelligence branch of military called sicherheitspolizei (or 'SD' - security service).

They were then known as RSHA

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Orpo/Court System

Police were a Nazi-ran organisation.

Part of the 'Nazi terror' network.

They collected information on opponents.

Judges swore an oath of loyalty.

Crimes were punishable by death.

Law and order were a huge part of the Nazi regime.

Created fear so people wouldn't go against Hitler and meant Hitler could get rid of unwanted people.

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The ** (Schutz Staffel)

Ran by Heinrich Himmler.

Hitler's personal bodyguards.

Only physically strong Aryans were recruited.

Fiercely loyal to the Fuhrer.

Had power to search and arrest without trial.

Seen as a truly legitimate paramilitary body.

Got rid of opposition and created fear.

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Concentration Camps

First used in Germany in 1933.

Prisons for 'enemies of the state' e.g. political opponents, Jews.

Used for torture, questioning and labour.

Run by 'Death's Head' arm of the ** by late 1930s.

Used slave labour to run Nazi businesses.

Kept opposition away so Hitler kept ultimate control and created fear.

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