How Nazis Opposed Opposition using PROPAGANDA

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The Nazis stopped opposition using Propaganda.

The minister of Propaganda and enlightenment was Joseph Goebbels, who had full control of the media.

They used propaganda posters, newspapers, radio, film and culture, rallies, Berlin olympics 1936.

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Propaganda Posters

Posters were cheap and easy to distribute.

Placed prominently they offered reinforcement of simple ideas.

Allowed the Nazis to focus on local activism (easy to present many ideas)

Difficult to avoid.

Visual effect allowed them to reach the public effectively.

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Censoring newspapers ensured the German people could only read certain stuff.

Wrote articles showing the positives of Nazism.

Editors had to send stories to Goebbels to check them.

Goebbels held daily press conferences to give out content.

Non-Nazi publications were banned.

Newspapers hammered anti-semitic messages.

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Nazis provided cheap radios, the VE (75 marks) and the DKE (35 marks) so everyone could hear their speeches.

Cafes, restaurants and shops played Nazi radio.

Public spaces had speakers that placed Nazi radio.

Block on all non-Nazi radio stations.

Reich Radio company took control of the radio.

Designed to inspire patriotism.

By 1939 70% of all Germans owned 'People's radios'.

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Film and Culture

Film used to present Hitler in a positive light.

Nazis commissioned several films to portray particular images.

Used censorship to restrict cultural life - banned Tarzan & Jane because of small outfits and jazz because of American culture.

Banned books against Nazi culture.

Government bought shares in 4 major film companies. By 1942 they completely controlled all the films.

Used films to present joys of Nazism and against Jews.

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Hitler's speeches, parades, marches, shows, brass bands and choirs presented ideas of overwhelming power.

Filmed so blonde women pulled to the front to advertise the idea of being Aryan.

Held in large areas that could hold thousands.

Organised to perfection.

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Berlin Olympics 1936

It was given to Germany before the Nazis were in power.

A way for the Nazis to show how superior the Aryan race was and how efficent the Nazi regime was.

Completed over 150 new Olympic buildings in time for the Olympics.

Anti-semitic posters had been removed before the arrival of other countries.

When Jesse Owens (an African American) won gold, Hitler refused to place the medal around his neck.

First modern opening ceremony.

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