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How Much 

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Mass Number

-Protons and neutrons both have equal masses. The total number of protons and neutrons in a atom is called the mass number.

- Atoms of the same element have the same atomic number.

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Percentage and Formulae

-We can calculate the percentage of elements in a compound from the formula of the compound.

-How to work out the percentage of carbon in carbon dioxide-

        (A of C = 12, A of O = 16)

               M of CO2 = 12 + (16x2) = 44

                      So the percentage of carbon = (12/44) x 100 =27.3%

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Reversible Reactions

- If a product of a reaction is reversible then we use a symbol like this,

-Reversible reaction go in both directions as the symbol shows.

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Making Ammonia- The Harbor Process

-The Haber process is used to manufacture Ammonia which can be used to make fertilizers and other chemicals.

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