How important was the Eastern Front?

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How important was Russia to the war effort?

  • By Russia launching a counter offensive on the 5th December 1,000 German soldiers suffered from frost bite and 2,000 had amputations. Key generals such as Von Rundstedt, Bock resigned leaving Hitler as commander-in-chief who was too over confident to listen to the advice of his advisor. 
  • By the end of 1941, Germany had lost 500,000 men and by February 1942, Germany had over a million men dead whihc was 31% of their army and had no reserves. 
  • At Stalingrand (August 1942-February 1943) the legend of German invincibilty was ruined as it was the first surrender of a German army. Hitler's prestige lowered and the Germans began to look at the outcome of the war in a pessimitic way. 
  • At the great Batlle of Kursk, it ended Hitler's hope of being able to hang onto the land he had gained. 
  • By Spring of 1944, Hitler lacked the means to mount any offensive and had no reserves to fight a war of defence. More people fought and died on the Eastern Front than any other front on the globe combined. 
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