How Important are Different Aspects in Book 1?

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Achilleus' Character

This is important to the plot because his anger is part of the plot and the reason why many Greeks die. Also it shows his relationship with other characters, such as Thetis and Agamemnon. He always seems to be set on honour.

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Chryses and Agamemnon

This is quite important to the characters because in reality, the king cannot disrespect the priest as it would be disrespecting the gods. Also, with the development, it is the start of Achilleus and Agamemnon having the arguement in the first place.

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This is important to the plot as the audience would relate this to past experiences, but also this would be important to the characters of the gods as it shows how angry and destructive they can be if they are not acknowledged according to the established customs of the Greeks.

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Assembly and Arguement

This is important to the plot as this is the beginning of the Achaians downfall and it is showing that Achilleus is not showing respect to Agamemnon, who is the highest king and leadre than himself. Also, it is showing that honour and glory is the most important part of the Greek soldiers.

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Taking of Briseis

This is quite important as Briseis is a woman and at the time, women were seen as objects and prizes during war fare, therefore, this is taking away Achilleus' pride and glory.

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Achilleus and Thetis

This is quite important as this is the beginning of the plot sequence and it is showing a strange, motherly love towards her son. It also shows that the mortals have their favourites and will do anything within their power to make sure that they are protected.

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Return of Chryseis

This is important as it is showing the upliftment of the plague and showing the different steps of appeasing the gods that took place during this time, therefore it is educating the Greeks about how to acknowledge the gods in the correct fashion.

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Thetis and Zeus

This is important because it is showing that the fate of the Achaians are coming into place and the Greek audience would feel sympathetic for the Achaians as they know their fate and would feel anger for Achilleus as he is dishonouring his companions and not acting the way he should do.

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Olympians and the Immortals

This would be important for the audience because the gods are in reality are like the Greeks, therefore the audience would relate to the gods a lot more but would then realise that they are a lot bigger and stronger than the mortal Greeks.

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