How Hitler rose to power

Information on why, what, where, when: the stages of Hitler's rise to power

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Hitler becomes Chancellor


Although Hitler is chancellor, he doesn't have a lot of power

Von papen was his vice chancellor; and both he and Hindenburg think they can control Hitler

To strengthen his power, Hitler calls an election to win more votes, and loosen the grip Von Papen and Hindenburg have on him

With more support from the German people, Von papen and Hindenburg would realise how popular he was

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The Reichstag Fire


Only a week before theelection, the Reichstag goes up in flames. Marianus Van der hubbe, a Communist is found guilty.

This allows Hitler to scare the President and Germany into thinking COmmunism was a threat and it was dangerous

Hitler persuades Hindenburg to pass an emergency law allowing Nazis to arrest Communists. With Communists unable to campaign for the election Hitler can win more votes.

In March 1933 Hitler gains more votes than ever before but he still doesn't have an overall majority

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The Enabling Law

Hitler wanted to have total power in the Reichstag as he did not belive in democracy. He managed to persuade other Nationalists in the Reichstage to vote with the Nazis to pass his law.

This law would allow Hitler to pass any new law he wanted without consulting the Reichstag.

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The Night of the Long Knives

JUNE 30TH 1934

Hitler was concerned that the SA and their leader Rohm was becoming too powerful. Rohm has stated that he wanted the SA and the army to join forces together under his leadership. The army objected to this.

Hitler decided he would murder Rohm and many of the SA. He carried this out using his small elite force the **. This eliminated the threat of the SA

The army were so grateful that in August 1934 they gave Adolf Hitler a personal oath of loyalty

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Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes Fuhrer


Hindenburg was very old and died naturally. Hitler could then claim to be Chancellor and President.

He combined the roles and called himself Fuhrer

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