how hitler changer germany from a democracy to a dictatorship

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chancellor and reichsat fire

January 1933

Hitler becomes chancellor thank to a political deal hindenburg hopes will keep Hitler quite

Febuary 1933

comunist von Lube is blamed for the reichstag fire as a rusult hitler bannes all comunists from the reichstag

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Enabling act and law agaist the formation of new p

march 1933

reichstag no longer need to make law (2/3 need to pass) forced threats from SS and SA 

june 1933

germany is now a one party state as other patys banned 

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night of long knifes and death of hidemburg and oa

june/july 1934

several hundrand SA leaders killed by SS replaced by SS

august 1934

hitler combined the role of chancler and president to form furer

august 1934

complete control of the country people and army

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