How Hitler became Chancellor in 1933

6 Points and explanations of how Hitler and the Nazi's used the situation to gain support, eventually making Hitler Chancellor in 1933.

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Millions became unemployed between 1929 and 33.

Unrest grew, Chancellor Bruning could not cope.

His attempts at raising taxes and banning protests failed, sending more voters to the extreme parties.

Hitlers promises of 'Work and Bread' gave him more support than other parties.

One of the Nazi's aims was to treat workers fairly.

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Support for Communists

Support for the Communists grew from 1929 to 1933

Hitlers hatred towards communists was shared with many Germans, particularly businesses.

Voters, afraid of communism, ran to the other extreme and voted for Hitler.

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Democratics' failure

The democratic parties failed to work together to find a solution to the unemployment crisis.

Germans realises Nazi's were the only ones offering real solutions.

Hitler was blunt and straightforward. The public wanted this, not potential solutions.

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Hitler had many political skills

At the time, Germans were desperate for a strong leader providing solutions.

His oratory skills helped tell Germans what they wanted to hear and got his own message across at the same time.

This gave the impression of a good leader.

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(Not) Controlling Hitler

Von Papen and other politicians thought they could control Hitler.

They did not see Hitler as a threat, so they helped him into positions of power.

Hitler did not need to force his way there, he was given positions because politicians underestimated him.

Once he became Chancellor, Hitler had all the power and control.

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The Weimer Republic

The Weimer Republic was linked to the hated Treaty of Versailles

The Weimers' weaknedd and failure meant the T of V had to be signed.

Hitlers 25 point plan told Germans the Treaty would be 'ripped up'.

The unpopularity of the Weimer Republic and the Treaty of Versailles increased support for Hitler.

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