How Hitler became Chancellor

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How Hitler became Chancellor

Key factors:

- Wall St. Crash

- Failure of Weimar Government

- German vulnerability towards communism

- Hatred of the Treaty of Versailles

- Electoral success

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How Hitler became Chancellor

In 1929 the American Stock Exchange collapsed, creating an economic depression.

America started to recall all of its loans, including the ones that Streseman borrowed to get Germany back on its feet after being crippled by the Treaty of Versailles.

This created hyperinflation in Germany, which resulted in mass unemployment rising to 6 million.

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How Hitler became Chancellor

In 1930 Chancellor Bruning used article 48 to

- cut government expenditure,

- wages

- and unemployment pay (without having to pass it through the reichstag because they did not  agree with him )

This made the German people angry and in turn this made the NAZI party more appealing.

 Some people turned to communism which scared the wealthy businessman because he would lose his workers and his fortune, ( because comunis spreads wealth amoung the people ), so they too supported the NAZIS.

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How Hitler became Chancellor

Hitler's campain blamed the Treaty of Versailles for crippling Germany, making them weak and humiliating them.

He got the German people motivated and geve them hope. He was the inspiring new leader that they had all been waiting for.

The nazis went from having 12 seats in 1928 to having 230 in 1932.

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