How did the war become a world war

Brief summary of how the second world war became a world war

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How did the war become a world war?

  • 3rd September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • 17th September USSR invaded Poland
  • Poland was quickly conquered
  • There was no fighting in Western Europe for 9 months
  • When Hitler invaded France in May 1940 he swept through the Netherlands and Belgium and conquered most of France in 2 months
  • It was called 'Blitzkrieg' or 'lightning war'
  • It was in May 1940 that Churchill replaced Chamberlain
  • In June 1941 Hitler invaded the USSR breaking the Nazi-Soviet Pact
  • Hitler attacked Russia and didn't invade Britain. This shows Hitler's obsession with power.
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Why did America join the War

  • On 7th December 1941, the Japanese attacked the US Naval base at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.
  • The Japanese attacked the fleet which were all at Pearl Harbour:
    • 8th December America declares war on Japan
    • 11th December Hitler declares was on America
    • and at this stage the war became a world war


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December 1941

             Axis Powers                                                   Allies

                Germany                                                    Britain

                   Italy                                                      (France)

                  Japan                                                       USA



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