How did the Soviet Regime enlist such patriotic fervour during the war?



- Focus on national pride and partiotism. Stalin ackowledged privately that he knew the people were not fighting for the party but for Russia.

- Adoption of the title "The Great Patriotic War"

- Applauded the deeds of pre-communist Russia war heores, presented them as people to be admired.

-Whipping up of Germany as a whole rather than just the Nazi's.

-Stalin's name was constantly held up as a patriotic or even god-like symbol.

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Peoples Militias

-Groups of people (volunteers) used to back up the overstretched army. 

- They tended to be untrained in using weapons/equiptment or have ant weapons at all.

- Huge numbers were lost, and many people say they may have been more use in areas such as labour or industry.

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Russian Concessions

- Stalin restored the Russian Orthodox Church during the war - they had never been legally banned but many churches were killed and preists killed. 

- This gained him the loyalty and support of Christian/religious communities, as well as using the Church to campaign for the Allies to open up a second front.

- However, soon after the war was won Stalin returned the Church to its restrictive way and discouraged religious activity again.

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