How did the League of Nations work

How the League of Nations worked

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Aims of the League of Nations

The Aims of the League of Nations:

  • to discourage aggression from any nation
  • to encourage countries to co-operate, especially in business and trade
  • to encourage nations to disarm
  • to improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world
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Membership of the League

  • With the USA absent Britain and France were the most powerful countries in the League
  • Italy and Japan were also permanent members of the council but Britain and France usually guided the League and any action had to have there support
  • However, both countries were poorly placed to have this role - both were weakened by WW1 and were not as powerful as they had once been
  • They didn't have the resources to fill the gap left by the USA
  • Many people thought that the USA were the only nation with the resources and power to make the League work - especially the trade sanctions
  • Both Britain and France had other priorities other than the League and trying to make it work - the League was not there main concern
  • Britain were trying to rebuild there trade and looking after the British empire
  • France's main concern was Germany
  • It was worried that without an army because of the disarmament through the League, they or the League, wouldn't be able to stop Germany attacking them
  • They also thought the British wouldn't send an army to help them so France was prepared to bypass the League if necessary to protect themselves against Germany
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