How did the cold war develop?



Satellite states

Berlin airlift

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What does Cominform stand for?

  • Cominform stands for comminst information Bureau
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When, where and why was Cominform set up?

  • Stalin set it up in 1947 as an organisation to control communist aims in Eastern Europe
  • The office was set up in Yugoslavia but moved to Romania in 1948 after Yugoslavia was expelled
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Why did cominform do?

  • Cominform ran meetings and sent out intructions to comminst Governments
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What does Comecon stand for?

  • Comecon stands for the council for mutual economic assitance
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When, where and why was Comecon set up?

  • It was set up 1949 to co-ordinate the industries and trade of the eastern European countries.
  • The idea was that members of Comecon traded mostly with one another rather then trading with the west
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What did Comecon do?

  • Comecon provided the USSR with a market to sell its goods. USSR gained raw materials for a reduced rate Comecon benifited USSR rather then the satiite states.
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What is a satellite state?

  • Between 1947-49 the USSR extended its influence over Eastern Europe by turning countried into satlite states
  • A satellite state is a country that is offically independent but is in reality controlled by another country
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How did Poland become a satellite state?

In June 1945 a coalition government of several parties was set up. In january 1947 elections were rigged to ensure the election of a totally communist government.

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How did Romania become a satellite state?

A coalition governemet set up in early 1945. In January 1945 the comminusts, encouraged by Stalin, took part in demonstrations to disrupt the governemt. In March 1945, the soviet army intervened. It disarmed the Romanian army and forced the king to appiont a governenet dominated by the communists. This lead to rigged elections and communist victory.

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How did Hungary become a satellite state?

By 1947 the communists had taken advantage of the economic crisis and forced the Prime minister to resign. The communist party then takes control and bans all other parties.

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Why did Yugoslavia become a satellite state?

Tito was the leader of Yugoslavia and was communist but he refused to follow orders from Stalin. Yugoslavia did not become a satellite state. They then accepted aid from America, to show their independence. USSR and Yugoslavias relationship was strained.

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5 reasons for tention between soviet and western z

1. Communsits took control of Soviet zone (despite the fact Germany was supposed to be kept as one country)

2. The soviets refused to allow its own zone to trade with the other three zones as it wanted to keep Germany weak so it could not attack Russia agian.

3. Berlin was deep inside the Soviet zone. Stalin did not want the Allies inside the Soviet zone and realised that the rich lifestyle of West Berlin would be on show in East Berlin

4. By 1947 the British and American zones were working together- 'Bizona'. Soon the French zone joined and it became- 'Trizona'

5. In 1948 Trizonia developed plans to set up a new German consitution and a new cerrency, the Deutschmark, in their zones in Germany in Berlin. The Soviets introduced the Ostmark in the Soviet zone and East Berlin.

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Outline of the Berlin Blockade?

  • Neither side wanted to back down over Berlin
  • Stalin blocked off road and rail supplies
  • The air lift carried all basic esentails e.g. Coal and food.
  • Flying on average 4600 tons of supplies a day
  • It lasted from Jane 1948-May 1949
  • Soviets tried to block the air crafts with weather baloons and plains but never used agressive means.
  • the blockade showed a clear devision between east and west
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