How did Mussolini attempt to transform the Italian character and Italian society: WOMEN?

The 2nd 'p' in P.R.E.C.E.P.T.

'Position of Women'.


The Battle for Births.

  • Designed to increase the population from 40 million in 19 27, to 60 million by 1950.
  • 12 children per family was the ideal.
  • Marriage loans to encourage couples to have more children: a part cancelled with each new child born.
  • A married man with 6 children exempt from taxation.
  • Health care for mothers and infants improved.
  • Prizes for the mothers with the most children.
  • Bachelor tax: government raised 230 million lira 19 39.
  • Late 1930s: jobs and promotions in civil service only available to the fertile and married.
  • Did not work: marriage rate unchanged, birth rate declined until 1936 where only slight increase.
  • 1936: 102 live births per 1000 women of child bearing age, whereas 1911: 147 live births per 1000.
  • Only achieved population of 47.5 million by 1950.
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Women's personal lives.

  • Pressure to stay at home.
  • Married men promoted.
  • State railway sacked all women appointed since 19 15 except war widows.
  • 1933: women limited to 10% of the workforce in the public sector.
  • Quota not introduced to traditional female occupations such as a cleaner or waitress.
  • Pressures did not work: women still made up 33% of workforce in 1936.
  • This was a fall of only 3% since 1921.
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