How did Hitler change the Nazi Party in the years 1924-29

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Split the Party into regions

  • He sent gauleiters to different regions
  • they were only answerable to him
  • this meant that he had more control over each area
  • he could target people more effectively and it meant that he was more in control.
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Financial Aid

  • He improved party finances
  • Befriended Germany's most wealthy business men
  • This was because they shared his hatred of communism and he said that he would destroy that party.
  • This meant that he was recieving a lot of donations from companyies such as Bosch and Thyssen.
  • This meant that he could fund his propaganda
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Expanding the SA

  • The extra income meant that he could expand the SA
  • It had 400,000 members by 1930
  • It allowed him to intimidate rivals
  • this meant that he could gain more respect and have more influence in the votes in the Reichstag
  • He also made the ** in 1925.
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  • Worked with Goebbels on this.
  • Was achieved using the money from the business donations
  • It included tactics such as making scapegoats. Promoting Hitler as the voice of the Nazi party.
  • Using up to date technology such as radios and films. this allowed Hitler to indoctrinate people from all angles.
  • created a clear image for the party. This meant that people had belief in them as they appeared to be strong and in control.
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