How can Tuvalu adapt to the threat of rising sea levels?

How can Tuvalu adapt to the threat of rising sea levels?

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Option one: Relocate

In 2001, New Zealand agreedt o accept 75 Tuvaluans per yr until 2050 as Environemtal Refugees (4000 left)


  • loss of identity
  • massive culture change
  • families are separated
  • 75 - not enough each year
  • strain on New Zealand's resources
  • change of lifestyle - don't have adaptable jobs - subsistence farmers
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Option two: Change Behaviour

In 2000, Tuvalu joined the UN to bring it's Climate Change point to the World's attention. It hoped that other countries would take action to mitigate.


  • too late (50 year delay) 
  • haven't got time
  • relying on other countries - not priority of these countries
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Option three: Modify the threat

Beach mining is being regulated to reduce erosion risk


  • main way of income - loss of income in economy
  • loss of traditional skills and work
  • effects aren't huge
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Option four: Prevent the loss

Salt tolerant crops to replace traditional Pulaka may be an option


  • little money
  • only solves one aspect of the problem
  • new knowledge required
  • new skills required
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