how adrenaline prepares your body for the 'fight or flight'response

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adrenal glands

your adrenal glands produce adrenaline when you are frightened,excited or angry. it prepares your body for action.

this leads to the 

fight or flight response. 





















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what it does

  • it increases the breathing rate and depth to get more oxygen into your body and remove excess carbon dioxide.
  • it increases the heart rate and volume, sending more Oxygen and food-rich blood to the muscles for respiration and removing more waste products.
  • blood is diverted from the digestive system to the muscles.
  • glycogen in the liver is converted to glucose in the blood
  • mental awareness increases
  • speed of reactions increases
  • pupils dilate, making eyes more sensitive to movement.
  • the body hair stands on end (useful to other species of mammals for making them look bigger).
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