How was Saladin able to reunite syria

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acquiring Aleppo

1175 onwards engaged in repeated seieges of aleppo, repeated campaigns of destruction in the surrounding area. 

hoped to pressure al-salih into opening the gates

during this process he took a number of strongholds 

1175: abasid caliphate oversees peace negotiations 

saladin made sultan of Egypt, Yemen and Syria but al-salih kept aleppo 

1183: aleppo finally surrendered 

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Acquiring Mosul

1185: began ravaging region around the city like at aleppo 

1186: mosul agrees saladins overlordship and to supply soldiers 

taming the assassins: 2 attempts on his life 1174 and 1186 ravaged the region around masyaf

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military skill evaluation

military skill made the majority of the territorial gains 

used as a base for attack on jerusalem 

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political skill

acuiring damascus: 

wrote to Nurs son al-salih, expressing his loyaltyand claimed that his move towards damascus was to protect him. 

careful approach

moved towards damascus under the pretence of protection

oct 1174: marched in unapposed, welcomed by cheering crowds, gifts to win loyalty, presented himself of virtuous 

acquired damascus politically 

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politcal skill evaluation

the cautious beginning allows for further expansion 

legitamacy consolidated position

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Illness 1185-86, neared death, contemplated morality, became more comitted jihad and Jer

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how did he position himself as the leader of Jihad

1. brought the fatimid caliphate to an end 1171

2. posed as the defender of Nurs son 1174

3. granted the legitimate title of sultan in 1175

4. intimidated the assassins into action 1176

5. married nurs widdow 1176

All of this means he is demonstrating or seeking legitimacy 

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How did he position himself as the leader of jihad

same as nur and zengi 


took care to be just and generous 

employed poets, praise saladin, emphasise jerusalem 

employed 2 biographers, portray as model prince 

religious, studied, didnt got to mecca unlike nur 

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any limitations

zengids resisted his as legitimate 

he hadnt been granted aleppo in 1175

hadnt granted him in mosul in 1186

from his intial step out form egypt to his final entry to mosul the mojorty of his time was spent fighting other muslims 

his rise wasnt universally welcomed 

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jihad evaluation

further strengthened his position 

encouraged loyalty and determination in his men 

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