How to do the questions for Medicine through time (SWHS)

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Question One

>Should take between 5-10 mins to do
>About the amount of change over time
>Use two sources
>Must include own knowledge

To achieve top marks, you must:
Make an inference about the nature or extent of change
Use both of the sources and your own knowledge

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Question Two

>Should take 5-10mins to do
>You need to recall key features of the time period
>Given a choice of two but you only choose one of them
>Make several key points that are detailed and are supported by relevant information

For top marks, you must:
3 or 4 key points
Points need to be detailed and descriptive
Ideas need to be well linked
Use good key words

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Question Three

>Worth 8 marks
>Should take 5-10 mins to do
>You need to make a judgement on the reliability and usefulness of the source

To get top marks, you must:
Make a judgement that is based on the usefulness of the sources content and reliability
Answers need to talk about the difference that the reliability makes to the usefulness
Use your own knowledge

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Question Four/Five

>Should take 15-20 mins to do
>Choose either question four or five, do not do both of them
>Tests your:
-Knowledge and recall
-Looks at factors/reasons which lead to continuity or change
>Always given two prompts
>Use your own knowledge

For top marks, you must:
Have a wide range of points that are well linked
Use both of the prompts that are given
Use your own knowledge

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Question Six/Seven

>Should take 20 mins to do

>Worth 19 marks (3 of which are for QWC)

>Make a judgement, analyse and evaluate

>Likely to be over a wide time scale

>Must use both prompts and your own knowledge

>Do a plan

>Must be a balanced argument which has an over all conclusion

>You must make a judgement

For top marks, you must:

Have a sustained analysis with precise information

You must have a detailed explanation which is well focused

Use your own knowledge

Evaluate and make a judgement

Arguments must be very detailed

There needs to be examples and details for both of the time periods

It must be well written with very few grammatical mistakes

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