How did Saladin perform against the franks

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Battle of Montgisard - failure

Battle of Montgisard 1177

had Damascus and egypt by this stage 

first attempt on outremer 

baldwin and reynald led a combinded force without saladin knowing 

took saladin by suprise, no counter attack 

impossible to regroup, crushing defeat, didnt make another attempt for 2 years

reputation lost, over 1000 men lost, 750 troops injured 

retreats to egypt to recover 

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Battle of Mark Ayyun - success

Saladin defeated Baldwin IV forces 

nearly capturing the king 

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Destruction of Jacobs ford - success

after victory at montgisard baldwin began to construct a castle at jacobs ford 

pressure on saladin 

tried to buy off the franks and reimburse them if they left 

1171: launched an attack 

Baldwin couldnt send forces fast enough, castle fell within 5 days 

epidemic broke out in his army so couldnt capitalise on the victory 

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truce with Baldwin IV


intended to last 2 years 

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Battle of le forbelet

following the death of manuel and the end of the 2 year truce saladin attacked 

his numbers were defeated by baldwins forces 

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siege of Beirut - failures


launched an attack to failed to capture the city 

joint land and sea siege 

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siege of Kerak- failure


after taking aleppo and in response to reynalds raid along the sea saladin.. 

besieged Kerak but didnt manage to take it 

withdrew september 1184

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invasion of Jerusalem - failure


able to pluder galilee but failed to bring the franks into decisive battle 

eventually withdrew in october 

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signs truce with Jerusalem - success


Raymond III signs as baldwin Vs regent 

supposed to last 4 years 

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