How did Saladin establish himself in Egypt

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Military skill

start of his reign he appointed family members in senior positions of government to consolidate his power. 

defeated the fatimid, sudanese infantry and created his own military corps who were personally loyal to saladin 

he defeated amalrics 5th invasion of Egypt in 1169 

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Political Skill

Saladin presided a huge parade to show that he was now in control, demonstration of his authority 

sept 1171: Al-Adid dies which is the end of the fatimid caliphate 

saladin proclaims himself sultan of egypt 1171

late september saladin was travelling to transjordan to assist Nur in the attack of crusader states but he feared that by doing this he would lose his position in Egypt so retreated as a form of self preservation 

1173: refused to carry out Nurs audit. instead sending him gifts and promising annual tirbute, again trying to strengthen his own position 

tensions between the leaders deepend, Nur threatened to invade Egypt 

May 1174: Nur died 

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introduce sunni islam 

destabilised the fatimid caliphate 

next step to consolidating his power 

friday prayers in egypt mosques said the name of a Sunni Calpih rather than the Shiah one for the first time in 200 years 

signs of his confidence 

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