How and why has population changed?

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Question one

How has global population changed? Where are the changes taking place? Why is it difficult to predict future changes?

  • World populaton has had a steady increase from 1750 to about 1950.
  • From 1950 there has been a massive baby boom.
  • There is now a big difference between developed countries and developing countires.
  • The increase in the graphs could mean that there could be better conditions eg. less diseases.
  • The changes are taking place in more developed countires.
  • It is difficult to predidct future changes as the world is changing so rapidly and more and more things are changing everyday. Like there could be a massive drop in popualtion in death rates due to diseases etc. Or over another time there could be a massive baby boom in that country.
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Question two

What is the Demographic Transition Model? What does it tell us? What factorscan inf

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