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Types of housing

  • House or Bungalow - detached, semi detached or terraced
  • Flat or Maisonette - Can be purpose built or exist as part of a property.  FLAT = a room or set of rooms located in a larger building. MAISONETTE = an apartment or flat on two levels with internal stairs or has its own entrance at street level.
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  • Renting from a registered social landlord -  RSLs are independent and non-profit making. They are sometimes called housing associations and are important providers of social housing. SOCIAL HOUSING is the term used to describe affrodable homes provided by councils and RSLs. 
  • Renting from a private landlord - A private landlord is a person or company that owns propety which is rented out to make a profit
  • Housing tenure - The term tenure is used to describe the type of property held or lived in. This could be owner - occupied or rented.
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Buying a home

  • Conventional home purchase - A major financial commitment which will involve many costs. These include a deposit, legal fees, stamp duty, land tax and searches. The majority of individuals and familis require a mortgae to buy a property. A MORTGAGE is a loan from a bank etc to buy a home. There are 2 main types of mortgage : a repayment mortgae and an interest-only mortgage. Failing to make regular mortgage repayments can result in reposession which is when the lender reclaims the property due to failure by the borrower to pay mortgage instalments.
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Buying a home

Low-cost home ownership - To help individuals and families purchase a home, the government funds HomeBuy schemes. The scheme gives those eligible the oppurtunity to purchase part of their home and begin building their own equity.

Here are the main schemes -

  • New build HomeBuy scheme - Government-funded shared ownership scheme, buy 50% and pay rent on rest, For key workers and first time buyers
  • Social HomeBuy scheme - This allows social housing tenants to buy a share in their current home at a considerable discount or to buy outright.
  • Open market HomeBuy - This is a governement-supported scheme. It aims to help certain groups of people who cannot afford to buy a home on the open market to purchase a home.
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Sheltered accomodation

When growing elderly it is harder to live independently.

The key characteristics of sheltered accomodation:

  • A warden lives in the accomadtion or nearby
  • Residents have an alarm system to contact the warden
  • Accomodation can be purchased or rented
  • 'Very sheltered housing' - is for people with disabilities or the very frail. More personal care, specialised facilities and trained staff are available
  • Local authorities supply some accomodation but places are limited. Private companies and trusts are important providers
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Design of housing

'Housing design must support independent living for all people- irrespective of disibility or circumstances'

Joesph Rowntree foundation developed the concept of 'Lifetime Homes' in 1991. These have 16 design features that ensure a home will be flexible enough to meet the existing and changing needs of households.

Key requirements cover -

  • Car parking space
  • Doorways and hallway - to accomodate a wheelchair
  • Living room windows to be low and easy to operate
  • Not insolation
  • Roads should have low speed limits
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Housing design for individuals and households

  • Families with dependent young children
  • Students
  • Families with dependent older members
  • Physically disabled individuals
  • Single person households
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Effective management of resources

The Management of energy

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Loft insulation
  • Tank and pipes insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Heating and hot water
  • Floor insulation
  • Draught proofing
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Effective management of resources

The Management of Time

  • Number of individuals in the houshold and their level of dependency
  • Domestic tasks are time consuming, Some people buy ing serivces - Household cleaning, Ironing and oven cleaning
  • Electrical appliances SAVE time such as dishwashers, microwaves and food processors
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Effective management of resources

The Management of Money

  • Organise financial resources - Budget plan
  • Most households have a monthly mortgage or rent payment
  • Pay for services they use - gas, electricity, water supply etc
  • Some set aside for unforesenn emergencies
  • Saved for significant purchases
  • Home computer and specialist software programs can help with budgeting
  • Timers to control central heating systems
  • Thermostates to monitor room temperature
  • Shopping online can reduce household expenditure
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Effective management of resources

Community Facilities and amenities

  • Transport
  • Medical services
  • Shopping
  • Schools
  • Leisure
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