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Sophie Ward

Now I am here today to talk to you today about why I feel I would

be suited to the role of House President, for which I am going to

give you 3 reasons, and how, as House president, I would strive

to increase the motivation and in turn the competition in relation

to the interhouse relationships - and therefore enhancing the

House identity.

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The first of my 3 reasons or characteristics - 

Enthusiasm - We all have a degree of enthusiasm withinn us everyday - I certainly do (morning) hard to get gowing, but will spread

Passion - When you are passionate about something, people can be motivated by it, almost empowered. And passionate I am - Thornton Impact. it is what makes me so keen and passionate to be involved in It all now, to give others the chance to experience such a sense of community is great. 

*previous 2 = 

Confidence - In this role i think it is necessary to have the confidence that gives others confidence, and what is a leader without confidence? It is admittedly a hard thing acquire especially when youre young, i know... I would not be here if i did not have the confidence to stand out there and show then my passion and show them my enthusiasm

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after all i believe it is these 3 things that are truly the basis of the students motivation.

And I hope that this increased motivation will becarried on into sixth form, which would hopefully then lead to an increase in sixth form involvement, but more on that in a moment. 

Increasing the atmosphere of competition -  several ideas 

1- applicable to all houses = Banners, made by the students of Denbigh as eg art project or extra carricular activity, these can then be used around the school to enhance the team feeling and even to show who is in the lead in terms of points. 

but then this in itself can become a competition - making the best banner, then using the banners to see who can mak the best house display 

A good way to kickstart the motivation and competition. 

put some focus on prizes such as a rise in share prices for the leading house, something which grabs their attention appeals to them.

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sixth form and cause

Another aspect of motivation which could be effective in relation to the students is a CAUSE 

and this cause could be for CHARITY 

But not just any charity, a chosen charity. This could be done by holdin a presentation on 2 or 3 charities and letting them vote for one of their choice. and then bring in a representative of this charity to tell them more of their chosen charity - make them care

HOUSE EVENTS can come in -honestly not sure if these already happen, but in this way a certain percentage of the funds raise at each event its put towards a total which is then donated at the end of the academic year. 

and again here is an opportunity for competition, a prize or award for the house that raises the most charitable funds.. 

*APPLY TO SIXTH FORM +  world challenge ptcpts involvement on the arrangement that those who do contribute to the event will be given a share of the raised funds to go towards it.  

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And so I would like to summarise with 4 points:

1. enthusiasm, passion, and confidence and all things which can be spread, and are a key basis when motivating the students. 

2. increasing the motivation wouold then increase competition between houses - which could be achieved through a change in atmosphere. 

3. to increase it further students are given a cause that makes them care, such as charity, which could be stretched into the sixth form and world challenge particpts. 

4. Finally, an overall feeling more ; more involvement more atmorphere more competition, will be carried over into sixth form as students move through the school leading to a more voluntary involvement of the sixth form students. 

and before i finish i would like to invite any questions on those points. :)

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