Horse Whisperer

Main idea's on the Horse whisperer, AQA GCSE anthology.

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About a Horse whisperer (trainer) who starts off content but eventually is lead to being chased from his home. He is 'scorned as a demon and witch' and has to leave the country. Its written as one person but has an underlying sense that it represents more than him, as if its the entire proffesion. 

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Represents the end of the agricultural revolution and the start of the industrial revolution. ('but the tractor came over the fields like a warning') He is replaced and that quote signals a pivotal point where the mood of the poem changes.

The poet uses the words 'charm' and 'hex', these are semantic opposites and create a strong imagery. 

Its a dramatic monologue.

1rst person.

Free verse style - not very rhythmical.

It shows him bieng alienated from society.

Poet uses tecniques such as caesura's, Alliteration, similie's and semantics.

The stanza's shrink in size along the poem as if they are shrinking along with his fortunes.

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