Adrenaline: Produced in the adrenal gland

Oestrogen: Produced in the ovaries

FSH: Produced in the Pituitary gland -- (also known as folical stimulation hormone )causes an egg to mature in the ovaries

Insulin: Produced in the pancreas. -- controll the blood suagr levels

Tesosterone: Produced in the testes

LH:  Produced in the pituitary gland

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Menstrual cycle

FSH -- Folical stimulating hormone

  • FSH is produced by the Pituitay gland
  • FSH causes and egg to mature in the ovary and stimulates the ovaries to release the hormone oestrogen


  • oestrogen stops FSH being produced so that only a single egg can mature in the cycle
  • it stimulates the pituritary gland to release the hormone LH


  • LH causes the mature egg to be released by the ovary

Homeostatsis-- maintaining a constant internal environment

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The Pill & IVF

The Pill

  • The pill is an oral contraseptive
  • It stops FSH being produced which means no mature eggs are released


  • some women do not produced enough FSH to allow their eggs to mature.
  • Fertillity drugs contain FSH, which stimulates eggs to mature in the ovary.
  • if a couple are having difficulty having a child, invetro fertiliasation or IVF can be used.
  • This is where the egg is fertillised outside the womans body, and then implanted into the uterous.
  • FSH can also be used in IVF
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