Homosexual Love

Quotes from a number of texts for the topic of homosexual love for use in A2 English Literature exam

Maurice- E.M Forster


E.M Forster was a homosexual although this was kept out of the public eye with Maurice not being published until after his death 

Maurice was published in 1971

Homosexuality was illegal in the UK until 1967

"He was entering into a state that would only end with impotence or death"

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Tipping the Velvet- Sarah Waters


Published in 1999

Set in Victorian England where homosexuality was illegal

"if people thought we were-like that"- disgusted in herself, just as how Blanche is disgusted in teh Grey boy

"this ain't wrong, what we do. Only that the world says it is"

"I might have been Narcissus, embracing the pond in which I was about to drown"- Equality, the two women are reflected in one another, the pond is society, what she is doing is wrong but she can't bear to break away from it just as Narcissus couldn't break away from his reflection in the water. Similiar to A Streetcar named desire, he shoots himself on the edge of the lake, representing the line between him a society. If he was truthful he would have to dive in and would drown too because society wouldnt accept him

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The Well of Loneliness- Radclyffe Hall

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