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body temerature, vascolidation and vasconstriction

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Body temperature:

  • Energy loss and energy gain from your body need to be balanced so that your body temperature remains constant.
  • Energy is transformed from the blood to the tissue when it reaches the cooler parts.

Controllong body temperature requires:

  • Temp. receptors in the skin (external temp.)
  • Temp. receptors in the brain (measure temp of body)
  • The brain (processing centre, to recieve info from the receptors. responding by triggering the effectors)
  • Effectors to carry out the automatic response (sweat gland and muscle).

  If body temp. too high, heat needs to be transferred to the enviroment. Done by sweating (evaporation). 

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Vasodilation and Vasoconstiction:

Blood temperature is monitored by a centre in your brain called hypothalamus.

Hot conditions:

  • Blood vessels in the skin dilate - allows more blood to flow through capillaries.
  • Means more heat lost from the surface of the skin be radiation.
  • Called Vasolidation

Cold conditiond:

  • Blood vessels in the skin constrict - reducing the amount of amount of blood that flows through the skin capillaries.
  • Means less heat is lost from the surface of the skin by radiation.
  • Called Vasoconstriction.  
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