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1- Ultrafiltration

2- Selective reabsorbtion- Glucose by active transport

3-Loop of Henle- Water and salt diffuse out

4- Collecting duct

  - Water controlled by ADH

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-Blood in

-No urea- constant concentration gradient

-Right ammount of water

-Excess substances over partially permeable membrane

-Glucose same as normal blood

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Kidney transplants

-'tissue match'

-Immunosuppresant drugs

- so that the antibodies don't attack the antigens

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Controlling body temperature

-Thermoregulatory centre

Temperature rises:

- Blood vessels dilate, energy transferred by radiation

- Sweat glands produce more sweat, evaporation, energy cools down

Temperature falls:

- Blood vessels constrict, less energy radiated

- Shiver- muscles contract quickly, requires respiration energy released warms blood

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Controlling blood glucose

- Pancreas monitors levels

-Too much glucose- insulin released

- Insulin- glucose blood to cells

-Glucose- Glycogen by Glucagon in Liver

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Treating diabetes

- Managed diet

- Replacement insulin before meals- injections

- The injection allows glucose to be took into body cells

- Embryonic stem cells

- Pancreas transplants

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