Homeostasis 4

Revision for b4 and more specificley the science exam monday 30th jan 2012 1:00pm homeostasis

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Homeostasis 4

Water Balance- water is gained from; food,drinks and respiration. Water is lost through: Sweating breathing excretion of faeces and urine. Your body has to balance theese diffrent inputs and outputs to ensure that there is enough water inside cells for cell activity.

The Kidneys- your kidneys filter your blood to remove UREA and to balance levels of other chemicals transported in the blood blasma they achieve this by

  • Filtering small molecules from your blood to form urine (water,salt and urine)
  • Re-absorbing all the sugar
  • Re-absorbing as much salt as your body needs
  • Re-absorbing as much water as your body needs
  • Excreting remaining urine stored in your bladder
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