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fruit and vegetables

  • average intake to double to more than 400 grams per day
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 intake to increase by 45% from present daily intake of 106 grams, mainly using wholemeal and brown breads

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Breakfast Cereals

 average intake to double from the present intake of 17 grams per day

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  •  average intake of total fat to reduce from 40.7% to no more than 35% of food energy
  •  average intake of saturated fatty acids to reduce from 16.6% to no more than 11% of food energy
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 average intake to reduce from 163 mmol per day to 100 mmol per day

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  • average intake of NME sugars in adults not to increase
  •  average intake of NME sugars in children to reduce by half i.e. to less than 10% of total energy
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 the proportion of mothers breastfeeding their babies for the first 6 weeks of life should to increase to more than 50% from around 30%

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Total Complex Carbohydrates

increase average non-sugar carbohydrates intake by 25% from 124 grams per day,
through increased consumption of fruit, and vegetables, bread, breakfast cereals, rice and pasta and through an increase of 25% in potato consumption.

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  • White fish consumption to be maintained at current levels
  • Oily fish consumption to double form 44 grams per week to 88 grams per week
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