"Home" by Anne Brontë: Thorp Green VS The Parsonage

Comparison of langauge relating to each location.

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"Home" by Anne Brontë: Thorp Green Language

  • "woodland ivy"
  • "sun surveys a lovely scene"
  • "softly smiling skies"
  • "yonder garden, fair and wide"
  • "groves of evergreen"
  • "long winding walks"
  • "velvet lawns"

    Thorp Green is painted to us by Anne as picturesque, and therefore too perfect. There is a suggestion of regality, which enhances the manor's luxury, but Anne doesn't refer to the house's comfort, which emphasises why she doesn't consider it her home.

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"Home" by Anne Brontë: The Parsonage Language

  • "barren hills"
  • "colder breezes"
  • "scattered, stunted trees"
  • "a wilderness of heath"
  • "grey walls"

    Anne presents The Parsonage a darker and 'colder', yet it is her 'HOME.' Therefore her use of unattractive langauge contrasts with Thorp Green's grandeur, and therefore emphasises that material values don't make a home. 

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