Holistic Views

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Will power

Use our willpower to meet our moral to responsability to remain healthy

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Robust Individualism

It's my life, I will do what I want with it

A younger persons, live for today point of view

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Culture Critique of Medicine

Modern medicine is seen as oppressive. E.g. childbirth is a natural process yet it is often made into very medical process by doctors and midwives with lots of tests, hospital checks and restriction on how one can give birth.

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Body under Siege

The perception is that the body is constantly fighting illness and threats to well-being such as colds. Flu and stress etc.

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God's power

Health is seen as part of sprituality. Subscribers to this viewpoint would not take alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs because they are impure substances that are unholy and can lead to immoral activity

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Health Promotion Account

People with this viewpoint say that we should live a healthy lifestyle and if we are overweight it is because we have chosen to eat too much or not to exercise enough.

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