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What is HIV

  • HIV is a virus that infects the cells of the human immune system, destroying and impairing in function which weakens peoples abilities to fight infections and diseases
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What is AIDS?

  • AIDS is the symptoms and the infections that are associated with the deficiency of the immune system
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Incidence vs Prevalence

  • Incidence is the number of new cases in a population
  • Prevalence is the number of people infected by the virus
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How is HIV transmitted?

  • HIV is transmitted through...
  • Sex - STI
  • Mother-to-baby transmission - breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth
  • Drug use - sharing of needles
  • Blood transplants 
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Why is there a higher prevalence in women?

  • There is a higher prevalence in women because...
  • Women are biologically more susceptible to virus' than men
  • Lack of knowledge due to a lack of education
  • Forced sex
  • Lack of decision making
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Impacts of HIV

  • Reduction in life expectancy
  • increased child mortality
  • affects working age population
  • increased chance of having a stillbirth or a miscarriage
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How is HIV treated?

Antiviral therapy

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Where is the biggest prevalence of HIV?

The majority of people suffering from HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa.

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