Hitler's "National Community"

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Hitler's "National Community" (cont.)

The Night of Long Knives 1934:

  • The SA wanted to merge with the smaller German army
  • Hitler feared the merge would undermine the effectiveness of the army
  • The SA leaders were the more 'left wing' Nazi members
  • Hitler ordered the murder of 50+ of the SA's top leaders

Propaganda and Popular Culture:

  • Posters to promote a sense of unity
  • Political rituals
  • Winter Aid - better off Germans encouraged to give money, food and clothing to people in poverty
  • KdF movement - fill in a gap left in the lives of working-class families by the liquidisation of the social democratic and communist parties
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Hitler's "National Community"

Political Parties:

  • 1933 - the SPD was outlawed The other Weimar parties were pressured into dissolving The 'Law against the Formation of New Parties" 
  • 1993 was introduced - making Germany a one party state 

Violence and Terror:

  • Mid 1933 - 100s of Socialists and Communists were murdered by the SA 
  • This lead to the construction of concentration camps - but they weren't built for extermination 


  • Protestant Church - soft target, many of their middle class members vote for Hitler - they were persuaded to organise themselves into a Reich church with a Reich Bishop 
  • Catholic Church - 1933, agreement made with the Nazis and the Vatican Christian Churches - significant opposition
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