Hitler's foreign policy

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Hilters foreign policy

Hitler rose to pwer in a time of depression and international tensions in Europe. His aggresive foreign policy made everything worse

The leagues attempts at disarmnment had failed.

Italy and jappan had both invaded other countries and got away with it

France still didn't trust germany and Britain didn't want a war

German discontent helped Hitler rise to power

  • Extremist parties (nazis) became popular during the depression, people wanted strong leadership and control over the widespread poverty and unemplyment.
  • Hilter came to power in 1933

Hilter prepared for German expansion

  • in 1933 Hitler withdrew from the LON
  • 1934 he signed a 10 year friendship pact with poland which weakened their alliance with france
  • 1935 he brought in military conscription in germany breaking terms of the treaty of versailles
  • 1935 hitler has a naval agreement with Britain allowing germany to build up to 35% of british naval strength and 45% of its submarine strength this implied that germany had the right to rearm breaking the treaty of versailles 
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  • treaty of versailles to be overturned  ihitler hated the treaty and saw it as unfairly weakening to germany
  • rearmament germany was forced to reduce it's armed forces under the treaty of versailles, he wanted to be a strong military power again.
  • Anchsluss with austria he wanted to be reunited with austria and he wanted the german empire to be bigger and better.
  • expand german terrioty (lebensraum) he wanted to take land from people he saw was inferior to give more living space to the german people. 

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