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How he overturned the Treaty of Versaille. Hitler wrote a book called 'Mein Kampf' (My Stuggle), while in prison because of his first failed attempt to lead a revolution. In it he had set out a list of aim for German'ys foreign policy...

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1. to destroy the Treaty of Versailles, re-arm Ger


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The Treaty of Versaille had taken The Saar away from Germany and placed it under control of the League of Nations. A vote was to be held on whether the Saar should be given back to Germany's control. As the cote approached Nazi's mounted a huge campaigne to persuade saarlanders to vote for. The put German troops on the boarder for intimidation but soon disbanded when Britain and France threatened to send it troops. January 1935 90% of sarrlanders voted for Germany to take control of the Saar land... This encouraged Hitler to unite more German speakers.

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.in 1933 Hitler withdrew Germany from the world disarmament conference because no other countries were prepared to disarm. He also withdrew from the League of nations, and signed an agreement with Poland that they wouldnt attack eacother for 10 years. At the same time he introduced conscription say that Germany was not strong enough to defend itself. Britain signed a navel agreement with Hitler in 1935, this allowed Germany to biult a fleet but to be no bigger than 35%of the size of the British fleet.

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2. To bring all german-speaking people everywhere

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