Hitler Rise to Power

How important was the weakness of the Weimar republic in Hitlers rise to power?

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Hitlers Rise to Power

Weakness of Weimar

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Hitlers Rise to Power


- New constitution was very democratic and used PR which produced coalition governments which were often short lived.

- Many feared the Weimar Republic was not strong enough to tackle the growing threat of Communism.

- The right wing & elite were against the Weimar Republic and wanted to return to the "old" Germany with strong leadership.

- Article 48 gave the president emergency powers to bypass the Reichstag and protect democracy.

- This all undermined the Weimar Republic from the very beginning and faith was soon lost.

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Hitlers Rise to Power


Economic Issues

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Hitlers Rise to Power


- Germany was over reliant on American loans untill the Wall Street Crash in October 1929, leading to a world wide depression and America reclaiming it's loans.

- Unemployment reached 6 million.

- The government wanted to avoid another hyperinflation so done very little to help, and people were desperate.

- AJP Taylor "It was the great depression that put the wind in Hitlers sails."

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Hitlers Rise To Power


Split In Opposition

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Hitlers Rise To Power



- The SPD (social democrats) and KPD (communists) were the main opposition,

- Both were left wing so did not co-operate.

- The KPD's hatred for the SPD prevented them uniting against Hitler and the Nazis.

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Hitlers Rise to Power





Hitler's Leadership

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Hitlers Rise To Power

- Was seen as a strong/charismatic leader - offering people what they wanted (a strong leader who would solve their problems)

- He presented himself as a force of stability, who would fight against the political, economic and cultural chaos of Germany.

- He used the structure of the Nazi party to ensure he was aware of what people needed and incorporated this into his speaches.

- Otto Strasser "His words went like an arrow to their target."

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Hitlers Rise to Power




Nazi Party Strengths

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Hitlers Rise to Power

- They promised "work and bread" - simple answers to complex problems.

- Propeganda.

- National Socialist German Workers Party - includes everyone, all things to all people.

- Anti communist appeal to those who were in fear of communism.

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