Hitcher- Simon Armtiage

information about the poem for gcse english literature exam

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About a man who is "hanging on a thread" at work as he keeps handing in sick notes for time off even tough he isn't really unwell. He eventually goes into work, but on the way home he becomes jealous of the freedom of a hitchhiker he picks up. He jealousy then takes over and turns to anger as he attacks the hitcher and throws him out onto the kerb, without even stopping the car. He leaves him there and drives on sick of not being free and getting on with his life as if he hadn't just attacked an innocent person.

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isnt he comparing himself to the hitcher who doesnt have a care in the world where as he has answer the calls that are screaming at him? **



yes he is :) thank you for the comments **

jessie junior


thank you, well written :)

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