Hitcher - Simon Armitage

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Hitcher is a poem where a man admits to murder. It's quite a violent poem and describes his routine and how he hates his job.

'the weather' (on a seperate line) is an example of enjambent. It emphasises how he is under (almost literally) the weather.

He picks up a hitcher and then gets angry - 'bouncing off the kerb' (like an object, not a person anymore) and 'disappearing down the verge' are the last we see of him. The driver doesn't care if he died or if he is badly hurt.

Before and after this happens, it is all very clichee - 'blowin' in the wind' (song - before) and 'the outlook for the day was moderate to fair' (after) show that he doesn't care. After the incident, he acts like nothing happened! It sounds like the weather report on the radio.

When it says 'and didn't even swerve', it sounds like he is impressed with himself!

(Sorry, the order is a bit muddled on this poem!!)

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