From tsardom to communism

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The government of Nicholas the second

The russian monach was Tsar Nicholas,the second from 1894, He was known as an autocrat; he believed God gave him the position of being the tsar so therefore he believed he has absolute rule over Russia.

Tsar ruled with support of the aristocracy(landowners),The church, the army and the civil services.

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Nicholas' rule

The newspapers were censored and tsar used the okhrana(secret police) to kill or eliminate any opposition.

Tsar was weak and slow in making decision in his ruling but he was determine to maintain his autocracy.

Married to Alexandra, and had 5 children, 4 girls and a boy. The boy had a case of haemophilia. 

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Nature of Russia as a society

Russian economy was developing quickly before 1914. 

Russia was still far behind industrial powers such as Britain,Germany and USA.

There was alot of discontentment in Russia.

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Russian's society

Number of employees working in Industry were growing fast, The population of Moscow had doubled.

As the population grew, more shortages of food occured, poorer wages, and terrible living conditions were common.

More than 80% of the population were peasants; alot of citizens were illiterate and used out of date farming methods which barely produced much surplus.

There were a significant minority of subject nationalities who hated russian rule and wanted independence.

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