History-International relations 1918-1939

Unit A971: Aspects of International Relations

Section A: The inter-war years 1919-1939

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Paris Peace conference

NOV 11th 1918-Armistice (Resembles many of the 440 clauses in the T.O.V)

January 1919-Paris peace conference

-32 countries present (notably not Germany)

-Big 3 took presentations from delegations and took decisions

March 1919- Llyod George Fontainebleau Memorandum (T.O.V decided)

June 28th 1919- T.O.V signed by Germany (New Weimar Republic) in The Hall of Mirrors, Versailles palace


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The Big 3

Llyod George

'Squeeze the German Lemon untill the pip sqeaked' won votes.

-Wanted little land loss, colonial gains, destruction of German Navy but a strong Germany for trade.

George Clemenceau

-Head of conference personally willing to comprimise but France wanted to see Germany heavily punished.

Argued for large land loss, destruction militarily and huge reparations.

Woodrow Wilson

1918's 14 points upheld and a new world organisation created to offer security.

-Wanted no role within the L.O.N created (due to pressure from America) with the first clauses of T.O.V but argued for self-determination and wanted hated Article 231.

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