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its history

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james VI

-when elizabeth died in 1603 king james VI of scotland was asked to become king .

-james only wanted to become king on england because england had more money thn scotland.

-james also was king of scotland

-james belived that god had made his king

-because of this if you didn't go to church wardens would come to your house and fine you

-puritans wanted a church with no bishop one they could control.

-James didn't like the puritans because of this

-james told the cathlic preasts to getout of the country because of all this.

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the gun powder plot

The plan was to blow up parliment. The king would be there for its opening, which took place in november.

The conspirtors were all cathlics. They were all being prosecuted by the goverment. They were dined for not going to prtestant churches. Many familys faced ruin, a they were high.

king james wanted to get rid of all the jesuits. He thought

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